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Dealing with addictions

Lately I’ve found myself increasingly using alcohol day to day. It’s starting to affect my work and relationships to the point that I think I may have an addiction problem. How do I stop? In today’s modern world the pressures and demands society place on us, as well as those we place on ourselves, continues […]

Coping With Family Conflict This Christmas

With Christmas and other end of year festivities fast approaching, so too come the family get- togethers. Whilst for some this is a relaxing and wonderful time to be with loved ones whom you don’t often have the opportunity to see throughout the year, for many the words “dreaded” and “obligatory” precede any mention of […]

Perpetual Dissatisfaction: Why Striving for more is leaving us with less

Most of us take for granted the sheer amount of stress and expectations from society today. Research shows that 1 in 4 Australians will, at one point, suffer from a mental health problem in their lifetime; with Depression and Anxiety as the leading diagnoses. This epidemic is proof in a shift in the way we […]

5 Steps to cope with school holiday pressure!!!

School holidays are fast approaching, and with that excitement also comes the common stress that most mothers feel. “What are we going to do every day for 2 weeks??!?!?” So how can you prepare yourself psychologically for the juggling act of school holidays?

Positive ways of Coping with Trauma

Life is incredibly unpredictable. It can be filled with wonderful moments of joy, love, and excitement, and then a single event can create heartache, pain, and sorrow. It is important to remember that these difficult times are all natural parts of our journey, and unfortunately, we cannot prevent unpleasant things from happening. What we can […]