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Plugged in and Disconnected – The emerging social media addiction

Recent studies show that Social media addiction is now being recognised as a real problem. Social media use that has been seen to be more addictive than alcohol or cigarettes. The likelihood to this rise may be attributed to the availability of access and the social acceptability of its use. The symptoms of addiction include […]

Creating an Agile Workforce: The Need for Speed

Today’s business success hinges on strategic agility and the ability to execute in a timely manner. In a continually evolving global business environment, opportunities for growth are juxtaposed against a shrinking pool of high-performing talent that can quickly seize those opportunities. The ability to anticipate talent needs, optimize a talented workforce, and keep retention rates […]

Dealing with addictions

Lately I’ve found myself increasingly using alcohol day to day. It’s starting to affect my work and relationships to the point that I think I may have an addiction problem. How do I stop? In today’s modern world the pressures and demands society place on us, as well as those we place on ourselves, continues […]

Coping With Family Conflict This Christmas

With Christmas and other end of year festivities fast approaching, so too come the family get- togethers. Whilst for some this is a relaxing and wonderful time to be with loved ones whom you don’t often have the opportunity to see throughout the year, for many the words “dreaded” and “obligatory” precede any mention of […]

The ‘catfish’ Phenomenon and online dating

  One of the most common ways people are meeting and finding love is online. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Grindr, RSVP…and the list goes on! All of these sites allow us access to people we wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity of meeting. Close emotional bonds can form quickly before you’ve even met someone in person. […]